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Standalone System


If you don't use a POS system that we currently integrate with, we recommend our standalone system.

This package allows you to use our remote ordering technology alongside your existing POS system.

We provide the software and all equipment needed to receive and manage all orders placed from offsite.

  • Orders placed remotely through Zenu are kept separate from orders placed onsite with your existing POS system.

  • We provide you with a monitor or tablet so your kitchen team can view Zenu orders in real time. 

  • If needed, we also provide a printer for receipts.

  • Sales and payment data can be imported into your POS or accounting software for end-of-day reports.

  • You can review and analyze your remote ordering trends in your Zenu dashboard.

Do you use PAR Brink or Revel? Click here for information on our POS integrations:

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