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POS Integration


If you're a PAR Brink or Revel customer, we can integrate with your existing POS system.


  • Orders placed from offsite are injected directly into your POS system.

  • Any menu changes made in your POS are automatically reflected in your Bite Ninja menu.

  • There's no need for additional display screens, tablets, cash drawers, or other extra equipment. Your kitchen team's experience remains cohesive, as they continue viewing tickets on your existing display screen.

  • Better order quality and fewer errors since staff doesn't have to manually input offsite orders into the onsite POS.

  • You can review and analyze your ordering trends directly from your POS system and existing reports.

With our integrated system...

Don't have PAR Brink POS or Revel? You can still use our tech:

More integrations 

coming soon!

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