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We're reinventing the traditional restaurant staffing model and redefining how restaurants work.

The idea for Bite Ninja was initially conceived by founder and CEO Will Clem on a busy Friday night at his own Memphis restaurant. Unable to fully staff the restaurant and facing an early closure as a result, Will set up his laptop and began taking drive-thru orders remotely. It was surprisingly successful, and recognizing the potential this idea had to help other short-staffed restaurants (especially in the midst of a pandemic-induced staffing crisis), Bite Ninja was born. As an early-stage startup, the company ran in stealth mode until partnering with startup accelerator Y Combinator in 2021. Now, Bite Ninja continues to grow, and our expert team is focused on developing more exciting technology that will soon be in a restaurant near you!

Bite Ninja kiosk
Bite Ninja front counter human-assisted kiosk
Queue system of customer service representatives
Bite Ninja kiosk

To increase labor flexibility for restaurants through our cutting-edge remote order-taking technology, and to bring accessibility to restaurant work.

Our Mission

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Meet the Team

Will Clem, CEO

Will's family has been involved in the restaurant industry for 3 generations. He currently owns and operates a Memphis chain of BBQ restaurants called Baby Jack's, where Bite Ninja tests its latest innovations. Will's lifelong involvement in the industry has created a passion for helping restaurants and restaurant owners succeed- something that strongly influences Bite Ninja's mission and vision.

Will Clem
Bite Ninja Founder/CEO


Marton Apai, CTO

Marton Apai


Jared Fullwiler

Product Lead

Lian Lee

Lead Engineer

Meghan Jaekel

Operations Lead


Sam Spycher

Software Engineer

Jonathan Moszuti

Data Engineer

Bite Ninja team

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