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  • What is a remote labor platform and how does it work?
    The Bite Ninja platform provides the tools you need to staff remotely, onboard and manage your remote team, and connect with gig workers for staffing help. It allows remote workers to connect with your restaurant to place orders from offsite, and also provides all of the management tools needed to manage your newfound remote labor pool. Our platform is web-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere. The software platform works in tandem with a small hardware component to tap into your restaurant’s headset and POS system, to seamlessly integrate with your daily operations.
  • How do I staff remotely, and where do I find remote workers?
    We provide a few options and service plans to help with your newfound remote staffing capabilities: You can tap into our pool of Ninjas, independent contractor remote order-takers who are vetted and trained on our platform. Ninja use is charged separately from the platform, at an hourly rate, and is billed weekly or biweekly. All of our Ninjas are U.S.-based and have restaurant or retail experience. You can use your existing staff to take shifts from offsite and participate in a queue with other locations within your company. You can hire a team of remote workers to optimize labor and scheduling. They can work from home, or work in a call center-style office setting. You can hire from anywhere, greatly expanding your pool of candidates and tapping into cheaper labor markets.
  • Do you vet your Ninjas when they sign up?
    Yes. Unlike many other gig platforms, we do not offer open signup for Ninjas. To be eligible to work as a Ninja, a candidate must be 18+, must reside in a U.S. state in which we currently contract from, must have a minimum of 1 year restaurant or relevant retail experience in which they have operated a POS system, etc. If a candidate qualifies based on these initial questions, they are then invited to submit a 2 minute video in which they describe their previous experience and have the opportunity to demonstrate their friendliness and customer service skills. From there, our Ninja Experience team handpicks candidates, or we offer our restaurant partners the opportunity to select them.
  • How does NinjaQ work?
    NinjaQ is our revolutionary technology which allows restaurants to share remote cashiers and cut labor costs. It works by using sensors (in some cases, by tapping into your existing headset system's loop detectors) to detect when a new car arrives in the drive-thru. Your remote team gathers in a NinjaQ waiting area called the "lobby," and when a new customer is detected, the next available cashier is automatically pulled to the station. Once the order is complete, they go back to the lobby to await the next customer. During off-peak hours, this allows restaurants to significantly cut labor costs by decreasing the number of cashiers. It provides additional opportunities to optimize labor by adjusting staffing levels to reflect sales volume. Remote workers can hop in to help without worrying about commuting to the restaurant for a short shift. Even during peak hours, NinjaQ is still beneficial when cars get backed up from the window, or when peak business only lasts an hour or two. Book a demo today to learn more about how NinjaQ can help future-proof your restaurant!
  • How long does it take to get started?
    The timeline will depend primarily on integration requirements, the number of locations, and which service(s) you are interested in using. But in most cases, the process will look something like this: Initial demo/compatibility call to help determine if Bite Ninja is a good fit for your restaurant. Further requirements are gathered for integrations and testing. Once the initial testing or pilot period is successful, we can scale to additional locations! Prior to that, if you are using Ninjas, you will provide training information for our team to create a custom training course, and our Ninja Experience team will begin onboarding new Ninjas. In our experience, this process can take anywhere from a few weeks (small, non-corporate restaurants), to months (enterprise).
  • How does pricing work?
    We customize pricing for our restaurant partners depending on integration needs, number of locations, and service type(s). We charge a per-transaction fee for access to the platform, and a separate hourly fee for Ninja usage. For a detailed quote, submit the form here.
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